Much of my earlier years as a practitioner were working exclusively with male-identified people.   Click here for testimonials from Women-identified people and Couples; scroll down to the bottom of their (respective) pages for glowing reviews.

Her radiance and energy are hypnotizing, her gaze captivates you, and her finger tips are entrancing. Ajna’s mastery of tantra and love for her craft is engrained in every movement and every touch. Until I had met her I’ve never known someone with the power to make time stand still, to release my mind and body from the conscious world, and to introduce me to levels of bliss and intimacy that I’ve never experienced — all with a level of grace, compassion, and genuineness that is extremely rare in our world today.”

~Ryan, Seattle & D.C.

“Ajna, the magic you provide during a session takes my breath away.  The electricity that passed through your fingers will keep me smiling for a long time. The overwhelming state of bliss created an atmosphere where time does not exist.”


“How ironic is it that I went to you for a physical massage and ended up with a spiritual massage as well.  The massage alone is more than anyone could ask for but to have your company and thoughts shared made this unforgettable. I am a better man for knowing you and adding your energy in my life.”

~Jack, Boston

“You are a breath of fresh air!!! That was one of the most remarkable experiences I have had in my whole life… it makes me wonder what I have been missing out on all these years.  Thank you for your presence and awakening me to my senses.”


“I am a very happy guy. I have a good life, good health, great family, love my job. I didn’t realize that I could find additional happiness, but I have!  Time spent with you has been energizing, relaxing, stimulating, fascinating, exciting, dreamy, fantasy, happy…”

~David, Seattle

“That was amazing! You put so much effort and energy into it… have to say you truly a very rare individual…  What made the experience all the more pleasurable was your communication and personality.”


“Every touch from you had a purpose and was felt. Your touch was warm and you made a connection. You didn’t “go through the motions.” You are one wonderful person who is obviously very comfortable with the human body. You could teach our society some lessons.”


“I just want to say thanks again for a completely transcendent experience today. I’m on a total high from it!”


“Spending time with you feels very natural. You are truly an artist and have made me feel young again.”

~Barry, Boston

“Your hands and beauty, along with your warmth and attitudes toward life, provide a wonderful experience.”