Intimacy Resources

Intimacy, Touch, Sex Ed, & Mindfulness Resources

***For all of these: take what is useful; leave the rest!  Follow your intuition about what might speak to & serve you at this time.

Emotional Intimacy

Conscious Communication

Sex Education

Sensual/Sex Education & Events in Seattle

The Pan Eros Foundation (Calendar)

Sensual Touch

Mastering Your Erotic Energy


Urban Tantra (book)

Traditional Tantra

Tantra Festivals

Consent and Boundaries

Polyamory/Ethical Nonmonogamy 

Conscious Creation

Manifesting a Partner

Healing Trauma

Mindfulness (to develop a calmer mind at all times, including the intimate ones)

What I’m Reading Now

Existential Kink (a Left-Handed Tantric approach to manifestation by reveling in our shadow’s desires)
Already Free (Buddhism Meets Psychotherapy on the Path of Liberation)

Required Reading for my Relationship Mastery Course

Wired for Love (a recipe for creating secure attachment in partnership)

Other Integrous and Talented Practitioners

Sacred Eros: Practitioners throughout the U.S. & Europe

Ava Ananda: Boston, California, D.C., Nashville, Philly

Paz: Sensual Guide & Tantric Muse

  • Seattle base
  • Boston visitations

Charlie: Sex Educator & Practitioner

  • Seattle base
  • Zoom sessions

Trauma Recovery Therapy

Hands-on work:

Certified Sexological Bodyworkers in Seattle
Certified Sexological Bodyworkers Internationally
Sacred Womb Services – Holistic Pelvic Care (personal recommendation)

Somatic Trauma Therapy Counseling (hands-off):

About Somatic Experiencing
Somatic Experiencing Directory

Snuggly Resources

Snuggly Organizations

Recommended Professional Cuddlers in Seattle (strictly platonic, please read the Cuddlist Code of Conduct prior to booking)