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The Pan Eros Foundation (Calendar)

Sensual Touch

Mastering Your Erotic Energy


Urban Tantra (book)

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Sacred Embodiment Community Seattle

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Consent and Boundaries

Polyamory/Ethical Nonmonogamy 

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Manifesting a Partner

Healing Trauma

Mindfulness (to develop a calmer mind at all times, including the intimate ones)

Other Integrous and Talented Practitioners

Sacred Eros: Practitioners throughout the U.S. & Europe

Ava Ananda: Boston, California, D.C., Nashville, Philly


  • Seattle base
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  • Seattle base
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Trauma Recovery Therapy

Hands-on work:

Certified Sexological Bodyworkers in Seattle
Certified Sexological Bodyworkers Internationally
Sacred Womb Services – Holistic Pelvic Care (personal recommendation)

Somatic Trauma Therapy Counseling (hands-off):

About Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing – Directory

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Recommended Professional Cuddlers in Seattle (strictly platonic, please read the Cuddlist Code of Conduct prior to booking)