I charge for my time, exquisite attention, and expertise.


Established Clients/2nd Sessions & Beyond:  $100 less than New Folx.

New Clients:
1st Session (including a free 20-minute Introductory Call)

Men Women & Trans Couples
90min 600
2hrs 700 500 800
2.5hrs 850 600 1000
3hrs 1000 700 1200
3.5hrs 1400
4hrs 1600

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See my (Seattle-Only) Packages for opportunities for Devoted Self-Care and Educational Journeys.


Men: I recommend 2hrs. as a sweet spot for experiential-type sessions (e.g. Experiential, Sensation Play, P-spot), 2.5-3hrs. for educational (e.g. Touch Training, Emotional Intimacy Training).

Men: $350/hr.    (75min/$440; 90min/$525; 2hrs/$700; 2.5hrs/$875; 3hrs/$1050)
Women, Trans & Nonbinary Folx: $300/hr. (2hr. minimum; see How much time shall I set aside?))
Couples: $400/hr. (2hr. minimum, 3-4 recommended; see How much time shall I set aside?)

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