For Trans & Gender-Fluid People

Due to the pandemic nature of Covid-19, I am exclusively offering Phone & Video Coaching sessions until June 1st @ the earliest.   Pardon me for not revamping my entire website for these times – while there is much introductory text that is touch-specific – & zoom in on my virtual offerings!

  • Calm Your Nervous System – Breathwork & Guided Embodied Meditation: 1hr. – 90min.
  • Ears to Hear – based on Holistic Peer Counseling: 1-2hrs.
  • Emotional Intimacy Training: Heart-Centered Listening & Communicating: 90min-2.5hrs
  • Belly2Belly – guided practices (with your partner): 90min. Introductory, 1-2hrs. for repeat folk
  • Is it ED or Other?… : 1hr.
  • Master Your Erotic Energy Download: 1hr-90min.
  • Guided Movement – Gentle Stretching or Full Yoga Class: 1-2hrs.
  • Being Serenaded and/or Singing with Me: 1hr.
  • Touch Training – Coaching on Approaches to Touch: 1hr.-90min.


(to be applicable again post-Covid-19):


All of My Offerings Are Available to You

While traditional Tantra teaches about archetypal “feminine” and “masculine” energies, it also says that every being contains aspects of these within themselves. I am excited to work with you, with however you identify (or don’t!).

I’m ready:

  • To embrace your unique body as is
  • To honor your self-described erogenous zones
  • To give you exquisite touch and attention