For Men

Let It All Go

Are you constantly making decisions all day long?  Responsible for everything?  Let me take you on a journey…

Learn more about an Experiential or a Sensation Play session.

Master Your Erotic Energy

Want to know how to “last longer?”  75% of men who see me do!  I’m well-versed at guiding:

    • Spreading out intense, localized sensations throughout your whole body
    • Getting you out of your head (with all the stressful thoughts!) and into your body
    • Navigating riding the waves of arousal, and being able to “come back down” whenever you choose

A foundational training that your lover/s will thank you for…

*90min. minimum; 2hrs. highly recommended.

Is it ED or Other....?

Worried about ED (Erectile Dysfunction)*?  

There’s a lot of stress for men to “perform,” and a lot of misinformation about ED, to support sales of Viagra and other “performance-enhancing drugs.”  Yes, it’s true that, as you age, you won’t be as your sexual peak at age 18, BUT… Over my 12 years of experience, I’ve found that 95% of men worried about ED are actually simply overstressed, head-tripping, and/or haven’t given themselves enough time and space for their bodies to relax enough to feel their innate passion and virility.

Come and explore what your body is really capable of, given a good “container of time” and an environment of love and acceptance.  

*ED can be caused by a variety of factors, including interactions with prescription drugs, depression, obesity, sleeping disorders, alcoholism, surgery around the spinal base, etc.  Please consult your doctor for possible contributing issues and treatments.

If you’re interested in discovering if your challenges are mostly stress-related, I welcome you to reach out…

*90min. minimum; 2-2.5hrs. highly recommended.

P-Spot Pleasure (“Sacred Spot” Touch)

Did you know that men have a male equivalent of a G-Spot? 

Or that men are capable of experiencing full-body ecstasy, just like women? 

If this is your first time approaching your Sacred Spot, please know that I consider it a high honor to engage with this intimate work.  P-spot exploration often can be emotionally vulnerable, riddled with shame and/or cultural judgments, and associated tension.  Therefore, my introductory approach is gentle and slow. 

*90min. minimum; 2hrs. highly recommended.