Whether You're Seeking Sensational Escape,

sweet TLC, hands-on sex-ed, expert advice, or a jump-start for your relationship, each of my sessions is tailored to your needs. I invite you to explore my offerings and see which one fits you like a glove!

Experiential Session (an excellent introductory session)

Let me take you on a journey…

We’ll begin by letting go of the mundane world — getting out of our heads and into our bodies in this present moment — through awareness, breath, and sensations…

You’ll receive a progression of “flavors” of touch, from grounding to therapeutic, to light, sensual touch, to relax your body and increase circulation – enlivening your whole body. I’ll then integrate your lower chakras, using tools from the Body Electric School and Amara Karuna‘s Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage.  Yummm…

Emotional Intimacy Training

Want to become a better love-er? (as in, One Who Loves and Is Loved?).  You may be amazed at how much more connected you may feel – to yourself and your partner – when you can tap into and speak from your authentic heartspace…

In this (fully-clothed/snuggly) training, you’ll be guided into:

  • dropping into your heart to speak and listen more deeply
  • tapping into sensations and emotions – and weaving them together with thoughts, to communicate more holistically
  • relaxing deeply before and while sharing “higher-stakes”/”riskier” material like fears and desires

Centered on the Belly2Belly work of David Cates (a combination of Tantra, Pranayama (breathwork), & neurobiology (Polyvagal Theory), with influences from Holistic Peer Counseling, Nonviolent Communication, and The Relationship School.

Touch Training Session

Are you wondering:

  • How can I tell if they like my touch?
  • How do I show them what I like?
  • How can I pave the way to bring my lover into a state of true ecstasy?

In a Touch Training session, we can practice giving and receiving touch (within our respective boundaries). I will share my compassionate feedback about how I am receiving your touch, energy, and communication, and you’ll have practice time to hone your touch, awareness, and skills!

2hrs. minimum if this would be our first session together
90min. minimum if we have worked with each other before

And if you’re looking for more in-depth exploration with your partner, I recommend a Couples Session.

Sensation Play Session (Sensual ``Dark Tantra``)

For the person who is in charge of everything in their life, to let go of control…

In Tantra, there is no “good” or “bad,” just sensation… 

In a Sensation Play session, you can:

  • Experience total let-go.
  • Explore a wide array of sensations.
  • Focus entirely on receiving and on your pleasure.

This is time to play with a variety of sensations — feathery to spiky, soft to hard, hot, cold, “percussion play,” etc… — with nuance, suspense, surprise… dance with the edges of “pleasure” & “pain.”

Let your body be your guide in telling you what is actually “pleasurable” or not…

You may want to play with a blindfold to increase suspense and because, by removing one sense, all others are heightened…

Or you may want to play with being restrained — for the person who is in charge of everything in their life, to let go of control…

I work with “safe words” to map where your “edges” are, and stop if you need, at any point.

*Please note this is a relatively “light” offering, as Dark Tantra goes. I do not offer role play, fetish play, dress-up, or more extreme forms of play; if you seek more, a BDSM domme would better serve you.

A note for advanced subs: While I am in service to you and your experience, I’m not into being “topped from the bottom.”

This session is appropriate for first-time explorers, as well as connoisseurs, so long as expectations are in alignment with all that is described above.

Advanced request for this session is required.