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for Boston March Availability + Travel Overview: Scroll to the bottom of this page.


Next Sessions Available:

  • Wed. Feb. 28th 11:30a-1p
  • Thurs. Feb. 29th 10a-4:30p
  • Fri. Mar. 1st 2-4:30p
  • Sat. Mar. 2nd 1-4p*
  • Fri. Mar. 15th 1:30-4:30p
  • Mon. Mar. 18th 2-7p*
  • Tues. Mar. 19th 10a-4:30p
  • Wed. Mar. 20th 11:30a-1:30p
  • Thurs. Mar. 21st 10a-2:30p
  • Fri. Mar. 22nd 10a-4:30p
  • Sun. Mar. 24th 2-5p*

*Add $50/hr. for evening (4:30p, on) and weekend times, due to higher rental space fees
*Availability beyond what is listed may be possible for couple’s sessions; please inquire.


**For Prospective Clients:**

1) Familiarize yourself with:

2) Have a Free Introductory Call.*  This is for us to hear each other’s voices (know that we’re human beings & not just a text or email!), review intentions for working together, and answer any questions that aren’t already answered in my FAQs.

If we have a resonant call, we will end with scheduling.

To set up a call time in advance, click here.*

You can call me directly @ 206.319.5856, though I rarely pick up on unknown calls, so please leave a message with  message with good times to call you back.   (Heads up that on our introductory call, I’ll ask you which session you’re most interested in and if you’ve read my Offering description/s for the session/s you’re interested in, FAQs, Cancellation Policy & rates – thanks for being prepared!)

*If none of the call times work for you, text (206 319.5856) or email me times that do!
*If you are setting up a Couple’s session, please find a time for all three of us to talk together.

**For Established Clients:**

1) Prior to Scheduling, review my *Current Rates* (“for Established Clients”) and Cancellation Policy.
2) Review my availability.  
3) Text (206.319.5856) or Email to set up some time.  Name your preferred day, start time, session type, and duration.  If text, please add your best email address for me to send you on a confirmation email (e.g. Wed. Jan. 3, 10am, 2hr. Experiential  

OR you can sign up for a free Intentions-Setting Call if you’d like to discuss “where to” in your explorations.


(unavailable Feb. 7 thru Feb. 25 for personal travel)
Seattle: Feb. 26-Mar. 2
Boston: March 4-8
(unavailable Mar. 9-14 for family)
Seattle: Mar. 15-29
Boston: April 1-5


  • Mon. March 4th: 3-5p
  • Wed. March 6th: 9:30-11:30a
  • Thurs. March 7th: 2-8:30p
  • Fri. March 8th: 2-6p

*(Please note that while I may have a broad expanse of hours available for any given day, I will pace my sessions, and only book 2-3 per day, upon which the rest of the availability for the day will disappear into transition time, meals, rest, exercise & other self-care.)