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HOW TO SCHEDULE  (Scheduling Exclusively for Seattle)

For Established Clients:

1) Prior to Scheduling, review my *New Rates* (“for Established Clients”), as well as my Packages.
2) Review my up-to-date availability, below.
3) Text or email to set up some time to Name your preferred day, start time, session type, and duration.  (e.g. Tues. Aug. 23rd, 10am, 2hr. Experiential)

OR you can sign up for a free Intentions-Setting Call if you’d like to discuss “where to” in your explorations, &/or schedule a Package of sessions (if we are still a resonant fit for working together at present).

For Prospective Clients:

1) familiarize yourself with:

2) sign up for a Free 20-minute Introductory Call.  (As of 7/29, more appts. have been added.  If Monday afternoons do not ever work for you to speak, please email me to find another time.)

Upcoming Session Availability (as of Aug. 13th):

  • Wed. Aug. 17th 11:30a-2:30p
  • Thurs. Aug. 18th 2:30-4:30p
  • Fri. Aug. 19th 10a-12p
  • Mon. Aug. 22nd 4-6:30p
  • Tues. Aug. 23rd 10a-7p
  • Wed. Aug. 24th 10a-4:30p
  • Thurs. Aug. 25th 10a-4:30p
  • Fri. Aug. 26th 10a-4:30p
  • Mon. Aug. 29th 4-6:30p
  • Tues. Aug. 30th 10a-7p
  • Wed. Aug. 31st 10a-4:30p

Sept.: General availability: Mon. 4-6:30p, Tu-F 10a-4:30p; I’ll populate more specifics once we get closer.
Early Oct. thru Late Nov.: I’ll be in Rishikesh, India, doing a 300-hr. Yoga Teacher Training, burning away some karma & metamorphosing in a Sattva yoga & meditation retreat

NASHVILLE and BOSTON:  Return dates unknown.
I invite you to come to me!  *Summer in the Pacific Northwest is GLORIOUS and a core reason why I live here!* 

(Email me if you’d like to be added to my blind-copy email distribution list.)



My status: I am fully vaxxed, with a booster from 1/11/22.

I am seeing folk who’ve been fully vaxxed in the last 6mo. or have had a booster since then.  Thank you for your care.  I still have zero interest in getting Covid! and will let you know once my policy has changed.