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I am very sad to share that I have discontinued in-person sessions until June 1st @ the earliest.  While I am thankfully feeling very well in my body, and KNOW the healing values of the oxytocin & relaxation I offer in person, I understand that one can be an unknowing carrier of the virus for 2-3wks, and I am choosing to minimize risk for the planet by staying put @ home.

The good news is that I am still offering phone coaching sessions!  Good portions of my more educational/experiential sessions such as Master Your Erotic Energy,  Emotional Intimacy Training, and even Touch Training (!) can be shared as verbal “downloads,” and we can also talk about the individual issues you may be tending to in your intimate life.

Also, I am rolling out new phone & video offerings to help with managing the stress* of these times.  

*Fear & stress wreak havoc on the immune system.  Sitting @ home reading the news, obsessively cleaning, worrying, incessantly talking about risk and projections – none of this is good for us…

“Change the Channel” (as my Tantra Teacher David Cates would say) – Give yourself the gift of focusing on health-sustaining practices:

  • calm your nervous system through breath and embodied meditation exercises
  • cultivate heart-centered connection with your beloved @ home through guided Belly2Belly exercises
  • have “ears to hear,” reflective listening, and calming techniques to deal with stress
  • guidance in gentle movement and/or a one-on-one yoga class
  • be serenaded!  with calming, hopeful, heartful, soulful and loving songs and/or sing with me! (see some Benefits of Singing & Chanting as compiled by songleader Heather Houston)

I have been taking many online yoga and dance classes, and while it is admittedly more challenging than usual to stay present (what with the world turned upside-down), I found that even one hour of being guided out of my head and into my body is such a balm to my entire being.  I want to offer you the same respite…

(Click here to schedule).

Here’s to all of our strong and vibrant immune systems, and to this virus being contained and managed quickly in our world! ❤️

If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”  (~The Princess Bride)


(to be applicable again post-Covid-19):

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I provide a delicious combination of extraordinary, full-body therapeutic and sensual touch — all with a tantric sensibility — as well as intimacy training for individuals and couples of all genders and sexual orientations.

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